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Windows Server 2008 Inside Out

ISBN: 0-7356-2048-2

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The Barnes & Noble Review
Imagine a gigantic book packed with expert Windows Server 2008 help for experienced professionals, written by one of the world’s most respected Windows authors, with the benefit of insider access to Microsoft’s own development teams. You’ve just imagined Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Inside Out.

William R. Stanek covers every nook and cranny, from remote installation to disaster recovery. Along the way, you’ll find lengthy chapters on topics some Windows Server 2008 books barely touch upon -- for instance, optimizing performance and managing the Registry. Active Directory planning, setup, and migration are covered in depth. So is practically everything you can do with AD once it’s running -- from prestaging clients to publishing shares to authorizing DHCP servers.


Take your Windows Server 2008 knowledge to the next level! Designed for Windows system administrators, this definitive resource delivers in-depth information about installing and configuring Windows Server 2008, performing upgrades and migrations, automating deployments, implementing security features, managing software updates and patches, administering users and accounts, managing Active Directory® directory services, and more. With INSIDE OUT, you'll discover the best and fastest ways to perform core administrative tasks, with an award-winning format that makes it easy to find exactly the tips, troubleshooting solutions, and workarounds you need. In addition, the CD-ROM contains an eBook and more than 100 timesaving tools and scripts.
In this book/CD-ROM reference, Stanek, a technology expert, provides details on planning and managing a Windows Server 2008 implementation and handling everyday administration. Material is organized in sections on planning, installation, upgrades and migrations, storage and file systems, networking and print services, directory and security, and disaster recovery. The book includes timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds, along with 100 tools and scripts on the CD-ROM. The CD-ROM also contains a complete ebook in PDF format, Microsoft Systems Architecture 2.0 documentation, and documentation on FRS, Emergency Management Services, and clustering. Annotation © 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Table of Contents

Part 1: Windows Server 2008 Overview and Planning

1 Introducing Windows Server 2008
2 Planning for Windows Server 2008

Part 2: Windows Server 2008 Installation

3 Preparing for the Installation and Getting Started
4 Managing Interactive Installations
5 Managing Unattended Installations
6 Using Remote Installation Services

Part 3: Windows Server 2008 Upgrades and Migrations

7 Preparing for Upgrades and Migrations
8 Upgrading to Windows Server 2008
9 Migrating to Windows Server 2008

Part 4: Managing Windows Server 2008 Systems

10 Configuring Windows Server 2008
11 Windows Server 2008 MMC Administration
12 Managing Windows Server 2008
13 Managing and Troubleshooting Hardware
14 Managing the Registry
15 Performance Monitoring and Tuning
16 Comprehensive Performance Analysis and Logging

Part 5: Managing Windows Server 2008 Storage and File Systems

17 Planning for High Availability
18 Preparing and Deploying Server Clusters
19 Storage Management
20 Managing Windows Server 2008 File Systems
21 File Sharing and Security
22 Using Volume Shadow Copy
23 Using Removable Media

Part 6: Managing Windows Server 2008 Networking and Print Services

24 Managing TCP/IP Networking
25 Managing DHCP
26 Architecting DNS Infrastructure
27 Implementing and Managing DNS
28 Implementing and Maintaining WINS
29 Installing and Maintaining Print Services
30 Using Remote Desktop for Administration
31 Deploying Terminal Services

Part 7: Managing Active Directory and Security

32 Active Directory Architecture
33 Designing and Managing the Domain Environment
34 Organizing Active Directory
35 Configuring Active Directory Sites and Replication
36 Implementing Active Directory
37 Managing Users, Groups, and Computers
38 Managing Group Policy
39 Active Directory Site Administration

Part 8: Windows Server 2008 Disaster Planning and Recovery

40 Disaster Planning
41 Backup and Recovery

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