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Windows 2000 Scripting Bible

ISBN: 0-7645-4677-5
As you’ll learn in this book, Windows 2000 scripting involves many different technologies. These technologies include:
I’ve tried to pack in as much information about these topics as possible and to present the information in a way that is both clear and concise—and I hope you’ll agree. I’ve also tried to present Windows 2000 scripting in a unique way, offering both VBScript and JScript solutions throughout the text. In this way, you can learn exactly how VBScript and JScript can be used with Windows 2000. With this approach, you gain insight into unique scripting techniques necessary to implement solutions in both VBScript and JScript and there’s no more guesswork if you prefer one scripting language over the other. 

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This authoritative, comprehensive guide is your bible to Windows® 2000 scripting. Written for people at all levels of technological know-how, it may be used as a reference book or a tutorial. You'll appreciate the step-by-step instructions and clear explanations enhanced by icons, charts, and hundreds of screenshots. The tips, insights, and shortcuts that appear in each chapter will help you to
  • Automate most network routines.
  • Master VBScript and JScript essentials.
  • Learn the ins and outs of scripting engines and the Windows Scripting Host architecture.
  • Read or write to files, manage drives and printers, configure menus, and work with the Registry.
  • Save time with scripts for network tasks, logon/logoff operations, and other routines.
  • Use Active Directory Services scripting to manage accounts, systems, and services.
  • Build spreadsheets, animate charts, and access databases with COM scripting.
  • Work with library utilities to automate scripts for file management, network administration, and more.

If you're an administrator or developer using Windows or scripting technologies, you'll find techniques not published anywhere else. You'll see why the entire Bible series has such an outstanding reputation when the Windows 2000 Scripting Bible goes the distance for you.

Table of Contents

Part I Getting Started with Windows Scripting

1. Introducing Windows Scripting
2. VBScript Essentials
3. JScript Essentials

Part II Windows Scripting Essentials

4. Creating Scripts and Scripting Files
5. Scripting Basics
6. Input, Output and Error Handling
7. Working with Files and Folders
8. Reading and Writing Files
9. Managing Drives and Printers
10. Configuring Menus, Shortcuts and Startup Applications
11. Working with the Windows Registry and Event Logs

Part III Network and Directory Service Scripting

12. Scheduling One-time and Recurring Tasks
13. Using Startup/Shutdown and Logon/Logoff Scripts
14. Introducing Active Directory Services
15. Using Schema to Master ADSI
16. Managing Local and Domain Resources with ADSI
17. Service and Resource Administration with ADSI
18. Maintaining Shared Directories, Printer Queues and Print Jobs
19. Managing Active Directory Domain Extensions
20. Where to Go From Here?

Part IV Windows Scripting Libraries

21. Library: File System Utilities
22. Library: File Administration Utilities
23. Library: Network and System Utilities
24. Library: Account Management Utilities

Part V Appendixes

A. Windows Scripting API
B. Core ADSI Reference
C. Essential Command line Utilities for Use With WSH

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This book is available everywhere Microsoft books are sold. I hope you'll order the book from your favorite bookstore. All on-line bookstores carry the book as well. Here's the direct link to order the book at these bookstores:


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