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SQL Server 2012 Pocket Consultant

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Pocket Consultant covers the Standard, Business Intelligence, Enterprise, and Developer editions of SQL Server.
The book is designed to be used in the daily administration of SQL Server and is written for:

Reviews & Information

The Amazon.com Review

If specialization is for insects, those of us who have only two legs are bound to need reminders when we sit down to perform a specialized task. For those times in which the specialized task at hand involves the latest version of Microsoft's high-end database management system (DBMS), SQL Server Pocket Consultant will provide how-to answers on the double-quick. This small, inch-thick volume fits nicely into a briefcase, and opens flat for easy reference. It makes little attempt to explain how SQL Server works, assuming instead that the reader knows what he or she needs. For example, a quick scan of the index for "Logins, Assigning Roles for Multiple" yields a reference to a page that explains exactly what to do, step by step.

Procedures are a large part of the appeal of this book; value tables and Transact-SQL syntax documentation contribute the rest. A typical value table lists all standard database roles, along with commentary on what sort of user is appropriate for each role. Transact-SQL documentation includes generic "all available options" statements of syntax, followed by usage examples. Deeper explanations of what each option does would make the syntax documentation stronger, but what's here is certainly enough to jog readers' memories and point them to heavier reference material, if they need it. Keep this book handy if your job requires you to hop from DBMS to DBMS.


Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Pocket Consultant is the hands-on, immediate reference you need as you deal with the details of Microsoft SQL Server administration in small, medium, and large organizations. Ideal at the desk or on the go from server to server, this fast-answers guide focuses on what you need to do in specific situations as you support and manage SQL Server 2012.

Topics covered include:

  • SQL essentials
  • administration tools
  • configuring and tuning
  • managing the enterprise
  • database administration, security
  • backup and recovery
  • monitoring and profiling
  • creating tables and indexes
  • automation and maintenance
  • more

About Ordering

This book is available everywhere Microsoft books are sold. I hope you'll order the book from your favorite bookstore. All on-line bookstores carry the book as well. Here's the direct link to order the book at these bookstores:


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