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Why choose my training courses?

Like my pocket consultants, which pioneered the way for effective, focused technical guides, my training courses offer the most effective training dollar for dollar, ounce for ounce. I'm not a one subject expert. I have proven expertise in multiple areas:

  • Windows Server, including Active Directory, Group Policy, scripting, command-line, clusters
  • Exchange Server, including large scale and clustered solutions
  • SQL Server, including data warehouses, clusters and n-tier solutions
  • Internet Information Services (IIS), including Web site architecture, design, hosting, and HTML/CSS/XML/XSL
  • Windows Vista, Windows XP, including desktop administration, desktop support, and 64-bit computing

My training courses are task-oriented and focus on what you will really use. Because I have a broad background to draw on courses can be custom tailored for the needs of every class. I use a unique blend of:

  • Lecture with high quality presentations
  • Practice exercises to re-enforce learning
  • Hands-on labs to practice the tasks you'll need to do on the job

Every student who attends one of my classes will receive:

  • A copy of the book or books I wrote on the subject
  • An evaluation of your technical skills
  • Post-course support through email

The sections that follow go into more detail on the benefits of the training courses.

Cost-effective, Convenient, and Competency-Based

Compare the total cost of training for my courses and you'll find the courses are very competitively-priced. Time and again, students have told me that my courses (including all travel expenses) cost them less than comparable training courses offered locally. And just as important, by being away from the office for training, they were able to focus more on learning.

The training tracks I offer aren't focused on certification testing. Instead, they are focused on tasks you'll need to perform on the job, and you actually perform tasks hands-on during training. For convenience, I've given each class a solid focus. Those who are looking to build a base of knowledge in an area of administration should take the Essential's courses:

Windows Vista desktop administration
Essential Windows Server 2008 administration
Essential Exchange Server 2007 administration
Essential IIS 7.0 administration
Essential SQL Server 2005 administration

Those who are looking for very detailed, in-depth training or to hone skills in specific areas should take the Inside Out courses:

Active Directory/Group Policy Inside Out

Those who are looking for a total training solution should take:

Intensive 12-Day Training: Windows Server Administration

Small Classes, Focused Training, and Lots of Hands-on

My classes are small with a typical class having 8 to 12 students. This helps me focus on the specific needs of every student in the class. Building competency is also a major focus. Every class builds on the 80/20 rule of learning, which basically says we remember 80% of what we practice or do, and only 20% of what we hear or read.

My unique blend of presentation, practice re-enforcement, and hands-on absolutely takes the 80/20 rule into account. Lessons are as equally weight between presentation, practice, and hands on as possible. My practice and lab environments are completely unique in the industry, and also help to re-enforce training by following the 80/20 rule of learning. I am constantly updating and revising my training materials to ensure you receive the best training possible.

Because classes are small, I have more time to help individually during practice and hands-on. Overall, the result is, I hope, a unique training opportunity that is unparalleled in its effectiveness.

My Personal Guarantee

My personal guarantee to everyone who takes one of my courses:

  • A commitment to your success

The end of training isn't the end of my commitment to your success. When you've finished training, I remain available to answer your questions about concepts covered in the course, and I invite the comments of every student to provide feedback to help improve courses. *Some restrictions apply.

  • A commitment to personalized training in a small class setting

Every class is limited in size. Most classes have 8 to 12 students, and I tailor the class to the needs of the students as much as possible, given the scope of the class. Unlike most other training organizations, my daily rates per class are the same whether I'm talking about the way deep details of Active Directory or general administration. I love talking about it all and I have the materials for training in just about any area of Windows, Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory, Group Policy, and IIS administration.

  • A commitment to learning

Essentials Boot Camps--My Essentials classes are designed for those who want to become administrators, current administrators with limited experience, and those who want to enrich their current administration or support skills. If you take one of my Essentials classes and don't feel confident about what you've learned, you have the option of retaking all or part of the class again at 50% off the current rate.* *Some restrictions apply.

Inside Out Boot Camps--My Inside Out classes are designed for current administrators with on the job experience. If you take one of my Inside Out classes and don't feel confident about what you've learned, you have the option of retaking all or part of the class again at 50% off the current rate. However, I will first ask you to take my Essentials Windows Server class. Why? Because you have to build on a base of knowledge and then expand on it; without the base you can't succeed no matter how hard you try. *Some restrictions apply.

Intensive Boot Camps--My Intensive Training classes are designed to provide a total training solution that covers as many areas of Windows Server administration as possible. Lessons are tailored to the students attending and I will cover as much as is possible while trying to ensure the success and competency of all students. If you take one of my Intensive Training classes and don't feel confident about what you've learned, you have the option of retaking a focus area class at 50% off the current rate. For example, if you feel you need more training on Active Directory after the Intensive Training, you will be able to take the Active Directory/Group Policy Inside Out course at 50% off the current rate.  *Some restrictions apply.

  • A commitment to satisfaction

If you cancel your enrollment at least four weeks before class starts, you will receive a 100% refund. If you find the class unsatisfactory by noon on the first day, you will receive a 75% refund as long as you inform the instructor in person at that time and return all your class materials.

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